What is the best way to use duplicate thought names. I seem to recall reading somewhere that doing so is not a good idea, but I have a situation where we need to do just that to make our brain more understandable.

For example, I have two products, called Product 1 and Product 2. Each product contains Specifications we have to meet. So, we created two parent thoughts, Product 1 and Product 2. Under each product, we created a child thought called Specifications. 

Then, under Specifications, we list the specification for each product. The question is, is there a better way to do this? See attached to illustrate what we are using.

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There is the 'comma trick' which can be used when creating Thoughts. Just add a , before the thought name and the thought will inherit the name of the parent though and show only when you are directly on the Thought.

Searching does show the parent thought when it finds multiple results, however, so having multiple thoughts with the same name is not a horrible idea.
I also have come across this "problem". The comma trick is a good one I didn't know (rtfm).
Not sure how I can change my thinking to stop this happening though.

For example I am going to be looking for a new house, in a new location, but it might be a condo.
I was going to have location 1, location 2, etc, then have house / condo etc under each one / but not now.
Its frustrating to have to change the way one thinks to use a programme, lets hope that the change in thinking is a good one.

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