I use it to manage reasearch and to create visual structures of things that may otherwise be abstract if not diagrammed. used it to create an concept map of cross-border trade in Myanmar, a map of the Chinese political system- both its adminstrative organizational characteristics and the concepts and trends that drive it- that is the most complex web I've come up with because of the mix of abstractions and concrete bureaus, departments, and administrative levels.

Also used it for projects at work to write annual reports, and conduct cross-cutting analyses of projects and trends in performance- using visualizations- even if not complex, to try to detect patterns or trends. \

And as a way to manage my bookmarks- ok that is it i am done can I go now?

Hi Mimoemo,

Sounds like the Chinese project was a challenge.  

A couple of questions regarding your handling of bookmarks.   How are you approaching that task?  Where do you (or did you) principally bookmark (IE, Firefox, other)?  Do you export the bookmarks from either of those apps or do you just drag the url straight to TB?    Any tips would be appreciated.

Saudações from Brazil!


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