Will today's webinar on using PB for event & project management be available as a download?

Sure hope so! It is great to be able to watch these webinars.

I attended this webinar, and they frequently said, "this webinar is not being recorded". They are having similar topic webinars quite often, they said.

If you are familiar with PB and use it daily, I don't see the great benefit of this webinar. I found it interesting to see how others use PB, not specifically Project Management.

In future versions, there will - hopefully - be timelines, arroved links, multiplex views (contacts, schedule, tasks etc) in a later version. I've found PB to be a GREAT information depository, but for planning purposes it has serious shortcomings!

PB has great possibilities for Activity-On-Node and Activity-On-Arrow, Gantt-charts, and other relational charts. Even logic should be possible! Just think of Fishbone-charts in Six-Sigma. Each thought and link (arrow) needs a few more parameters (or information) and the GUI must be improved to visualize the parameters. Then the representation of thoughts and links can truly be displayed as it is in my (analog) brain.

I'm sure Mike and Shelley have some visions of this for the future. If they, don't I'll be happy to show them my ideas.

I'll attend future Webinars, to learn from others experiences, and mayby

Regards, Axla
More Project Management webinars, please.
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