Is there someone who is using TB with a Windows 8-Tablet and Touch? How does this feel? What kind of problems are there or not? Using a pen?
I just started using it on a Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2.  The OS is Windows 8 Pro, and the input is both multi-touch and pen stylus.  The biggest issue for me to get used to is not having a hardware keyboard and mouse.  The Brain is installed on the Desktop and works pretty smoothly, but you need to use the built-in Windows software keyboard and/or Ink pad for text input.  I prefer the Ink pad because the text recognition is good enough, and I prefer holding the stylus most times anyway.  Speaking of the stylus, I find it to be easier to use in navigating the Plex becuase it is more precise than finger touch.  The biggest problem is that I cannot figure out how to zoom the Plex in and out without attaching a hardware mouse because I cannot grab the zoom ring on the active thought with the tip of the stylus.  I can do it on my workstation with my Wacom tablet, but not on the Lenovo Tablet PC.  That means my thoughts are stuck at a default size most of the time, which leads to the need for precise tap-clicks to activate thoughts.

I do love having my brain portable and sync-able on a decent sized screen, so I'm putting up with the drawbacks for now.

Hope that helps - let me know if you have any questions.

you was using also the Ink pad text input with the Wacom tablet on your desktop?

Here was the handwriting text-recognition "handy" enough for  a fluent workflow?


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