Hi Everybody
I'm thinking about using The Brain as menu navigation of my webwsites.
I think it's really good to make visitors stick on the site thanks to the complex structure of the Brain.

The goal is: when visitor clicks on a node then the related page appears. 

Is there a way to do this? I use WordPress (but I could think about learning a new platform).

I thought about choosing a template with a fixed box where I embed the Brain, or embedding the Brain in a side bar.

The issue is that when the visitor clicks on the node then ALL the page is refreshed, so the Brain navigation starts from the beginning again.
I'd like the Brain not to change so that visitor is able to continue the navigation from where he left.

Any workaround for this?


PS: I know I can use the Brain as the WHOLE website, writing the post inside the Brain itself, but I'm concerned about SEO.
Furthermore I'd lose the layout features, such as showcasing my products in the sidebars, the header, etc...
No information on a workaround for you.  But am curious when you refer to using the Brain as "the whole website."  Any examples you might point me to?  I'm having trouble conceptualizing what it would look like. 


TNX mctrexter for your reply!

I mean: when you click a node then you have the opportunity to write formatted text in it, so this could be a sort of post.
So I could create a bit.ly link that points to the Brain, and I may share this link.

Or I may create a site with just one page, and embed the Brain in that page, but I fear it would be too messy.

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