I'm using Todoist as my to do list system.
I apply strictly the David Allen GTD philosophy.
I'm in a trial with TheBrain 10 and I would like to know if someone as experience using TB10 with a third party to do list.
Thank you very much for your thoughts.

I use Todoist and TheBrain daily. Some of my project notes live in TheBrain, or at least there are attachment links to the notes, so I copy the Local Thought URL and paste it into the Todoist comments. Then when I'm working on a task, I can click on the link, and it opens the thought. If I know, I will be accessing this thought on a computer that doesn't have TheBrain I'll copy the Web Thought URL.

I also copy the Todoist "Link to Task" and attach that to the thought, giving me the option to see later which tasks I've completed that were related to a particular thought. This way when looking at a thought with meeting notes I can easily see which tasks were related to a thought that might not be from the same project I was working on when I wrote the meeting notes.
macOS 10.14.6
Windows 10 1803
Thank you very much 👍🙏

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