Using TheBrain for File Management

Are you tired of looking for the right file? With TheBrain you can link all related documents and information together so you can always find what you need, when you need it. Learn how to add Web pages and files to your Brain for easy information discovery with this 5 minute video tip.


I'm using DevonTHINK Pro for this. I slip any paper into a Fujitsu scanner, it gets inputted and OCRed so I can search for terms in it.

DT then has some wicked AI that automatically files the document for me. It can also add external sources just to watch and search. The AI really comes into play in that when you select a document it will also show you documents that are similar.

I am planning on using theBrain to then link to the document in DT. Maybe with some more use I will go the whole way theBrain, maybe when it starts looking like an OS X app [wink]


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