I confess to being a newbie. How do I move my brains back and forth between my work and home computer? Can I email them or use a USB drive?
Thanks for the help.

Yes, you can.

Both email, and USB drive are possibles when moving your Brain.

I prefer to use File | Create Brainzip.

Others prefer software the copy only changed and new files and folders between hard drive and USB-drive.

I have registered my PersonalBrain Pro, and keep the program files on my USB-drive, and run them from the USB. I keep Brainzip files on the USB drive, which I copy to the local hard drive and open them from the hard drive. This is a cumbersome way of doing it, but I think it is bullet proof, as I get backup files on two locations. (I will admit there are privacy issues with this way of doing things, but I'm happy with it)

My Brain is approx 890MB!! Lots of attachments!

You can copy everything to the USB-drive and run PersonalBrain and open your files. if your brain is small (no pun intended!!), this solution is fully acceptable!!

Good luck,

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I have a similar approach, but I email myself the updated brainzips.

But I do have a question. Say I do changes to my brain at work. Forget to email it home. Make changes to my home version and email that one. When I import it, will it add the changes to the current brain or erase the changes that I made at work?

If you import it, it would replace the version you are importing into.

So, if you have a brain you use at work, take it home, make some changes, forget to bring it back with you to work, go to work the next day and make changes, then --- you cannot get the changed items from home into your work brain just with importing.

You need to:
* Copy your work brain to a new brain/directory (this preserves your work changes - I suggest brainzipping this so you can restore it if you make any mistakes in the following bit)
* Import your brain with the changes from home
* Copy your changed thoughts located in your home changed brain
* Open your copy of your work brain
* Paste in the changed thoughts

Or you can do it the other way round when you take your WORK changed brain home.

It works. I've had to do it a few times myself. You just have to be careful and know what you need to move between the two different instances of your brain.

Of course, if we just had a "merge", which allowed us to chose to replace any thoughts whose contents were actually different (other then activations), or make a jump linked copy between original and import, it would be a very nice feature.

Place your brain in a dropbox folder and it will auotmatically replicate it with your other PCs and Macs and even leave you a backup on the web you can alos access.  But the free dropbox is only about 2.5 GB, so if you brain gets very big you might need to upgrade dropbox to a larger capacity.  A mac user should be able to use Mobileme to keep files synced.


I see Matt recommends against this.  see the thread at  Sounds like sync problems occur.  My experience was simple test files.


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