Wanted to start a discussion regarding what would motivate, or not, PB users to upgrade to a new version. Perhaps this could help Harlan and his crew navigate in the same direction as to our needs (the customers). I will start by describing a couple of the items that would motivate me to upgrade to v5.

1. Memory improvement
Motivator - a significant reduction in the utilization of not only PB memory but more importantly computer processor memory.

Non-Motivator - Keeping the actual memory usage level, or worse, increasing the memory usage level.

Caveat - I could perhaps be motivated to upgrade (if keeping the actual memory usage level) if there was some (currently unknown) significant feature offering. Small feature modifications would not be a motivator.

2. Calendar improvement
Motivator - Real calendar featuers such as the organization of events, controls for reminders, etc.

Non-motivator - See #1 and small incremental changes.

Another motivator would be improvements to Types and Tags (along with #1).

Feel free to add yours.
I will upgrade if v5 has one of the following improvements:

* Multiple Plex and multiple notes windows
* Link thoughts to a timeline
* Filter thoughts based on thought types, link types and tags
* Significant performance improvements
* Significant improvements of the tag system

I hope v4 Pro users can freely upgrade to v5 Core.
My wishlist for 5.0

1. Ability to cross-reference information based on the parent or other link relationship as discussed here:

2. Ability to have information sync'd to a web-based database, for collaboration, back-up, and anywhere access to PB info

3. Performance Improvements

4. Better use of tagging (eg. global editing of tags)

5.  Complete calendar and contact integration with Outlook and iCal

6. When items have similar data points as children, the ability to export each item and it's children as a single line item in comma delimited format  -  And the corollary, to import comma delimited information and have the first field become the parent, and subsequent fields, become the children.

OK, tall orders these are, but you asked

hey Shiiko, I like the phrasing of the thread you started, as it talks about motivation. this gives the chance to go beyond the discussion on "features wish list" which is already on elsewhere (PB 2008 wish list / priority list) –– actually started by you

I like it because it gives room for a discussion beyond envisioning users like the dogs who follow the sticks.

so actually the big general fields for me talking in broader motivational terms are two:

A) retrievability and searchability of thoughts in a coherent PB-like fashion
a) of specific thoughts based on context/meta-information (like the cross-reference issue mentioned above – > 1, > 2)
b) possibly between brains >

generally I would like to see that information put into PB is usable in terms of intelligent and informational retrieval. PB is already great on this in principle. as everybody talks about metadata, and PB is about information organization and control I would upgrade if I see there is a coherent approach to this which also is in line with the basic strengths of PB itself.
so I am pretty much looking to a broadened search, which includes intelligent meta-data handling, and doesn´t double on the basic PB structure and principles (linking, contextual visualizing) itself in an unecessary way.

probably there are severaly architectural approaches to achieve that.
in the end the biggest motivator to follow PB in its advancement for myself will be a confidence in the development path, i.e. that it builds on its strengths, doesn´t multiply input and retrieval structures; adresses these needs an a future-proof way, and not the least that it develops in communicative resonance with its user-community.

B) real information integration on OSX, making PB transparent to the other information storage (the mac-computer) thereby helping in not doubling and cascading information bits and documents

this being about being effcient with work-time, attention space, physical memory – (and justifying the same price policy )

so, just talking about broader lines and motivation in respect to upgrade- and development paths here.

Hi Oliver,

Thanks for your input.

You are right, where the (PB 2008 wish list / priority list) was a pie in the sky type thread, in a sense this is a 'purchaser's thread'. The attitude should be 'Dear PB, I have a little money leftover (after the economic meltdown?), this is WHAT I WANT FROM YOU in order for me to part with it.

My primary motivators for upgrading:

1. More keyboard navigators. All actions in PB should be accessible from the keyboard.
2. Keyboard shortcuts. The possibility to configure shortcuts to different actions.

TheBrain Slackware 14.2 KDE 4.10.3 Java 1.8 / (Windows 7)
Linking to other brains would also be a great motivator:

TheBrain Slackware 14.2 KDE 4.10.3 Java 1.8 / (Windows 7)
Must have at least:
* filter based on thought/link/tag
* saving expanded view

If it has any one of these wish list items it would make my day:
* timeline
* better calendar features
* better reporting
Searches as Virtual Thoughts, see this link

And significant perfomance improvements, primarily speed and startup times. Java is nice  for X-platform, but it's way too slow.

PB user since 1998

Mind over matter?
I don't mind and it doesn't matter.
TB Pro on Win10.1 Pro 64bit JVM 1.8.0-112
Another strong motivator is if these would be accessible by keyboard shortcuts:

1) A list over all tags
2) A history list (with the possibility to filter on Today, and specific period)

and these would entice me as well:

3) A possibility to bookmark thoughts and get an overview of these in a list
4) Pins and pin groups accessible by keyboard shortcuts

TheBrain Slackware 14.2 KDE 4.10.3 Java 1.8 / (Windows 7)
My major wish for V5 is time-dimension. The analog brain thinks i sequences, e.g. Thought 1 is followed by Thought 2, etc.

With V4.x, this type of sequence is difficult to show. It can be done, but it is not as logical as it should be. As V4 is, it is just a depository of information, with little sequencing possible, at least not presented as a sequence.

I will pay serious money for a good time-dimension feature in V.5!
"Project Management" in PB would have a completely different meaning with a workable time-dimension!

Now I'm checking the forums 4-10 times a day, just to see if the new version has been launched!
For me, a truly three-dimensional plex would be a huge step forward. 

I'd also like user-definable structures.  It may be possible to do this in some way now, I only bought PB a couple weeks ago.  In any case, the ability to setup and save an empty array of thoughts as, say, a person or a project, with pre-assigned thought types and tags and links and colors and all that, would be wonderfully powerful.  (If this is already possible, somebody tell me how!)

That said, the real deal maker would be better reporting.  Give me a query engine of some kind.  It's maybe not structured enough for SQL, but something....


The single biggest motivator for me is the introduction of a USEABLE Notes editor. One that doesn't change the HTML code I paste into it. One that doesn't slow down with larger notes.
They really need to move to 3D IMHO, one of my main issues is the lack of space and the lack of depth, being able to hide and unhide whole sections of nodes by selection or by creating area "boxes" that reduce the opacity of the selected nodes, and the ability to highlight strong links and relationships beyond mere simple lines with color and thickness.  Other apps are going to come up and make their app redundant if they don't get to work on a major interface overhaul.  Their interface is getting really long in the tooth, the lack of proper 3D objects, planes, geometry, etc.  Is quite annoying, to see an idea of what they could possibly do, see taggalaxy:

OK.  I give up in my battle with the Calendar feature of PB.   As much as I would like to use it, I cannot deal with its limitations anymore.   Hopefully v5 can improve on that area (read: integrate with Oulook calendar).

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