Can I have v6 and v7 installed on the same machine at the same time?  I'd like to make copies of my brains to test in v7, but don't want to give up the stability of v6. What do you think?  Also, will v7 install on a thumbdrive like v6?  I have my windows installs on the thumbdrive and my Mac install on the harddrive.

Hi Whalehead, 
Yes, you can run them separately. The key step is to make sure you install version 7 in a different directory than your version 6. What I did was create a new Folder on my C drive called "TheBrain 7" Next,  when you download v7, it will prompt you for an Installation Location. Key step is to change this location to either a new spot or the folder you just created. It will install there. This will allow you to run both versions Independent  from each other. 

v7 will install on thumb drive like v6 did. Same process. Tracy
Tracy Barr
TheBrain Technologies

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