Now that v9 has gotten more stable, I've decided to start using the latest Alpha release of The Brain day-to-day.  So far the experience has been absolutely positive.  I do have a question that is probably easily answered:

Is there a way to view folders and files as thoughts in the plex? 

The way to do this was not immediately obvious to me.

v9 comment:  I find that the interface to look through attachments for any given thought is cumbersome.  If you have a lot of attachments in a thought, it's too easy to lose your place as you are tabbing through the attachments, then clicking on the "+n" button to see more attachments.  It would be much better for me personally to see the attachments rendered as a set of icons or even a simple list.  I suspect a lot of this is just me needing to get used to the new interface.
No, the Virtual Thought functionality that was in v8 isn't available in v9.

If you have a lot of thoughts with multiple attachments, try going to Preferences > UI and set Content tab location to Left. This will reduce the preview area, but has the ability to show a lot more tabs. [smile]

Note to Devs: I think automatic may not be working? Sometimes I move TheBrain to my larger monitor, and there is a lot of grey space around the preview area. It doesn't automatically adjust from Top to Left.
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119
Thanks, Alex. 

I did try moving the tab location to the top as well as left and neither was satisfactory.  I'll just get used to it!

If you click on the thought icon in the plex you will see all attachments listed in a simple list. The display of large numbers of attachments is something I'd like to improve in the future.
Thanks, Harlan.

It is a bit jarring to go from the plex to the viewing of attachments.  One option might be to put a small "carousel" type widget to allow us to flip through the list of attachments. 

Interesting feature request.  I'll document this for further consideration.


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