I'm noticing a few differences after importing my V8 Brain into V9 Brain as follows:

What is going to be the best way to find out what the differences are between The Brains?

 V8             V9      Diffs
122,740 - 122,804 - 64   - Links
 22,205 -   22,351 - 146 - Notes
 58.246 -   58,427 - 181 - URL/Web Links

V8-V9 Stats.jpg 


TheBrain, iOS V10.0.
Windows 10 (V19041), Windows 7 SP1, OS X V10.15.x
Using The Brain since V3 (1999)


The way these statistics are generated in TheBrain 8 and TheBrain 9 are completely different so most things will most likely not report the same. There is no easy way to compare. The best solution would be to run a report in TheBrain 8 and then one in TheBrain 9 and manually compare everything.
Hi Pat,

Thinking about this further and looking at your results carefully, a report would not actually help since the Thought count is identical.

I'm not certain why the report is different but there are many change to how things are done in TB9.

First, internally, TB9 does some things differently than TB8. For example:
  • Pins are stored in TB9 using links, which will result in the number of links being different.
  • Notes are stored as a special type of file attachment in TB9, while in TB8 they are stored in the database
  • Images inside of notes and thought icons are tracked in TB9 as attachments while TB8 finds them dynamically when thoughts are activated
  • Links in TB9 are stored using a single row per link while TB8 used a double row per link scheme 
Second, the database itself is completely different, with TB9's being much more robust and faster (as I'm sure you can tell by the time it takes to generate the statistics report).

I would bet that the stats from TB9 are more accurate. Right now, we have other priority bugs to fix and features to add, but later on we will investigate this further.

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