On my iPhone 5s I noticed that responsiveness varies a lot.
When tapping on a sibling, often nothing happens. Then, I try another sibling. Same thing, does not react. And so on.
At least, those thoughts become responsive some time later. And they remain accessible for some time. But then, out of a sudden, nothing happens when tapping on them...

This is so annoying.
I tried different Text Size settings. But that does not help, same problem even with Extra Large.
Is this a known problem?

BTW: what is that empty bubble, which appears on the top of the plex, whenever you do a long press anywhere in the plex? [crazy]
Is it the place(holder) for subtitles? [wink]

Same here, also on a 5s. Oftentimes it just slowly blinks red (the note's border that is) for a few seconds before zooming in. Not too major, but noticeable.
Hello all,

 A lot of this has to do with your network connection as well. I'm not sure what bubble you are referring to. Can you please post a screenshot?
I took a closer look on the performance difference between iPad 2 and iPhone 5s.
I noticed two major differences.

1.) Feedback missing on iPhone 5s

Tap on a thought in the plex, a pin or in the history. 
The thought should start its glowing effect immediately (edge turns to red and becomes thicker) resp. a pop-up should appear ("Loading Thought...").

Sometimes there is no such feedback on the iPhone 5s, and no action also.
I can not say, why and when. On some days, it behaves like this almost all the time.

2.) much less speed on iPhone 5s

On my iPad 2 (4.5 years old!) the time between tapping on a thought an seeing that thought becoming active seems to be less than 1 sec all the time. 

On the iPhone 5s (2 years old), you can see the glowing effect 3 or 4 times, before the thought becomes active. This means, you have to wait 3 or 4 seconds most of the time.
There are only rare occasions, on which it glows only 1 or 2 times.

I often observer both effects 1.) and 2.) on my iPhone 5s - this makes the user experience rather poor.

I am wondering: how can TheBrain on my old iPad 2 be that much faster than on the iPhone 5s? I can only guess here. Is the software not adapted to the 64-bit architecture? 
Also very strange (for me): even WebBrain is noticeably faster on my iPad 2 than on iPhone 5s.
Both devices are on the same W-LAN. And of course browsing in safari on the old iPad 2 in general is much slower if possible at all, depending on web sites.


Regarding that bubble thing - it's gone: first time I saw this was on the iPhone while trying hard to get a sibling activated.
Simply tap and long-hold anywhere in the plex. A rectangular grey ballon appears near the top of the screen. It can be moved horizontally.
I have also seen this on the iPad and in other apps too.

I can no longer replicate this in TheBrain since I updated to iOS 9.1.

You can still see the affect within other apps. This is how it looks like in Apple Notes:



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