now that version 10 is behind us (indeed, v9.1 and v 9.0) we have, functionally :

  • a major platform migration from Java to native
  • mobile platforms
  • a powerful timeline tool
Thank you for that.

From my point of view, already vented on the forums, TheBrain as a mindmapping application has a definite slant on the "mind" part (storing / indexing / searching data).
To stay true to its explicit, declared positioning, it is now time to futher develop the "mapping" part.

I have no idea what the roadmap is in this domain, except the new expanded view on the drawing board since v9. But since it is still on the drawing board, it seems wise to have a look at other mindmapping applications, for comparison and inspiration.

I personally exclude from "mindmapping"  such applications as Freemind and XMIND, on the principle that they are essentially drawing tools that force a hyerarchical structure of the data.

I have toyed with :
(all 3 are freeware, made in universities, and java-based)

Functionally, the two most powerful are Cytospace and KBbuilder.

The most similar to TheBrain is possibly KBBuilder, because it has the same click-create-and-auto-layout interface. The other programs layout manually.

The most powerful graphically, is evidently Cytoscape. the problem is that it has cumbersome interactivity for item creation : it is conceived to import datasets of thousands to millions of items, not to manually create a couple of hundred. Also, the data nodes are NOT rich-data types, like in TheBrain. But the data visualisation features remain fabulous.

The ideal scenario - for me - would be to see TheBrain strike a better balance between :
  • interactivity and data-entry (its strong points)
  • data visualisation & mapping (way too  basic by today's standards)
  • data sharing options (practically nonexistent unless you expect to browse a webbrain with your navigator during a work presentation)
I know from the forums that I am not alone in my frustration with TheBrain's current function set.
As an IT professional, I appreciate the huge amount of planning and development time which have been invested in bringing it up to this point.

But as a long-time user and a fan of TheBrain, I need it to evolve in these respects.

kind regards
@enkidu, good points! ðŸ™‚

Take a look at the current version of MindManager. (Full-featured trial is available.) Many, many features that are not available in TB10. 

TheBrain it is better at handling large amounts of information and it has several key features that are missing in MindManager but there's a lot to learn about what is possible.

Thanks for posting and your continued interest in TheBrain. As I'm sure you are aware, TheBrain continues to evolve and all of the features you have discussed are documented as feature requests that will be addressed in future builds.

Thank you,


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