Version is up now and adds a lot of cool features to the expanded view, including the powerful "Expand All" command. Additionally, there are many fixes and minor additions including the ability to configure search results, importing of Firefox bookmarks, and lots of fixes.


May 11, 2007

  • Expanded View
    • The display of the (+) control more consistently indicates which thoughts can be expanded further
    • Expansion of two generations of thoughts via a second click on the (+) control is more reliably executed
    • Thoughts connected to the active thought can be collapsed and hidden
    • Thoughts that have been zoomed have a dotted outline drawn around them
    • Automatic centering scrolls the screen to put the active thought in the middle of the display
    • Expand All and Collapse All commands
      • Available on the toolbar, options menu, and background context menu
      • Expand All shows an additional generation of thoughts for every visible thought. This command will not work if there are already more than 256 thoughts visible.
      • Collapse All hides everything except the active thought
  • Normal View
    • Distance between active thought and child/parent thoughts increased
  • Thought Icons
    • Expanded view controls and gates are not drawn over top of the thought icon
  • SiteBrain HTML Export
    • Images and other embedded content in notes points to the correct location
  • Search
    • New preferences tab for Search options
      • Merge thought and content results option displays all results as a single list
      • Set the number of results per page
      • Set the default sorting of results
      • Set how often to refresh Web pages index
      • Set the number of clicks away to include when filtering under the active thought
    • Fixed: URL indexer never finishes if there are no URLs in the Brain
  • Minor new features
    • Email URL Attachment – the context menu for a URL attachment includes this command
    • Import Firefox Bookmarks
      • New command added to the File menu if Firefox is present creates thoughts for all of the URLs and folders in the Firefox favorites
      • Descriptions of bookmarks are added to notes
  • Web site icon display
    • Fixed: some ICO files cannot be read for URLs and result in an empty icon.
    • Attachments list will now show icons for URLs even if there are multiple URLs
    • When a URL is edited, attempts to get a new icon based on the new URL
    • If there are multiple images, the largest one is selected
  • Changes and Fixes
    • Wander speed adjusted so clicks are every 2 seconds
    • Better names are created based on URLs
    • Fixed: when a thought is renamed from the plex, the new name does not show in the properties window
    • Fixed: PowerPoint files created from templates are created with the correct extension.
    • Firewall incompatibilities (freezing) can be resolved by turning off ESP keyboard monitoring. This has been verified against Outpost Firewall.
    • Renamed Preferences Font & Animation tab to Settings
    • Tabs (Notes, Properties, and etcetera) can be resized smaller, especially when in a vertical orientation beside the Plex.
    • Calendar changes orientation automatically based on available space
    • Open Thought Folder command fixed
      • Works even if no attachments have been created
      • Fixed: does not works under Vista
      • Unix/Linux: command to open folder can be set and is saved in Preferences > Settings
    • Fixed: Calendar does not reappear until restart Pro version is registered
    • Maximum memory adjusted to allow for importing large brains
    • Fixed: Past thought list returns to the active thought if it has been scrolled back and a thought with a URL is highlighted



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