Hi, first post....there was a post outlining how to customise a tools layout in a side pane....but cannot find it now.  Anyone know where it is, ta
Thanks Dyslucksia, for an amazingly comprehensive and erudite reply! Oh, and by the way the way, I'm using: PB on XP SP3 with Java 1.6.0_15. So, your advice is pertinent.

As you say, it can be a nightmare to reset customised tools layouts if, for some reason, you lose it.  This happened to me the other night, when all my Brains reset themselves to the default setting, without any discernible reason - aaargh!

Anyhow, whilst I'm here, you wrote an excellent post some time ago regarding the use of the PB colour palette, well, they've changed it (as you will know). Any chance of an update on effective colour management in PB 5.5 for us plebians!  You and a few others provide the rest of us with an excellent range of useful, clear and challenging tips, tricks and expansions of PB user guide one liners or omissions. Keep up the good work!!!

Finally, and I don't know if it has been mooted before, but if it hasn't, can I be the first to suggest to Harlan et al. that you are offerred a consultancy (on your own terms...of course) to report to the design team at PB on aspects of the Brain's user friendliness.  This is said with the caveat that I think that PB team have produced an excellent product that is easily the best info manager out there but, as is often the case with rapid software development, "sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees!"

Regards, Jim

bout the only justification for PB's default layout of having all Tools in a low-height horizontal strip along the bottom is that truncation of Thought names is minimized by having the full width of the screen available. That might have been great when PB first came out, but in these days of cheap, wide monitors this is a definite liability. Vertical Tool panels docked to one side or other of the screen allow the maximum number of lines to be listed, whether in Reports or Notes. We need more than one built-in default layout (Forte Agent does this beautifully), and also user-definable, saveable, layouts to save us all this mucking around each time we need to vary our current configuration.
I have two monitors, both widescreen. My second monitor is rotated so it is taller than wider (very useful for reading Word documents and .pdf's). 
I keep PB always open on this monitor, and use a slight variation of the the default setup. 
So there is a use for the default view.
Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6

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