PB on Windows XP

Fig. 1
Fig. 2

Fig. 1 shows a Plex which has been squeezed sideways so that all Child Thoughts are now in a single vertical column with a (dark green) scroll bar.

Issue #1
Pressing the Down key takes the green circle as far as the lowest visible Thought (Crawl Brain and Modify Selection), but not to the end of the real list , i.e., one cannot go any lower without dragging the scroll bar using the mouse.

I regard this as a bug because this does not happen with Sibling and Jump Thoughts, where it is possible to scroll beyond the limits displayed; the scrollbar moves as new Thoughts are "uncovered".

Issue #2
When the Plex font is reduced in size (Fig. 2), making more of the Child Thought list visible, keyboard navigation becomes stuck. Pressing Down can still progress no further, even though more Child Thoughts are now on view. Pressing Up results in anomalous behavior; first the green ring jumps down two Thoughts (to Forget Selection), then goes upwards as it should.

(I seem to remember reporting the same issue happening to Sibling Thoughts in earlier versions, but this was eventually fixed. Moe may bear me out on this one.)

Fig. 3
Fig. 4

Issue #3
In Fig. 3, starting at the active Thought (Types) and pressing Left moves the green ring to Colors, which is normal behavior.

In Fig. 4, when the Plex is squeezed sideways, the Jump Thought(s) are positioned below the Child Thoughts, which is obviously by design. However, starting from the Active Thought, the user suddenly finds he cannot reach Jumps by pressing Left; he may or may not work out that he can only get there by pressing Down, and even then has to traverse all the Child Thoughts displayed before he reaches the top Jump Thought. This is inconsistent, intuitive and confusing.

Issue #4
As a corollary to Issue #3, if the user starts navigating from the Active Thought Down through the Child Thoughts, when he reaches the last visible Child Thought (Dummy), the next time he presses Down he will "break through" into the Jump Thoughts, instead of continuing to bring up the remaining Child Thoughts on the list. Thus he may be confused to find he is on a Jump Thought instead of an (expected) Child Thought.

I think this behavior should be changed so that:
1) Even when Jump Thoughts need to displayed underneath Child Thoughts (when the Plex is cramped), they should still be accessed only by pressing Left from the Active Thought.

2) When one scrolls Down through Child Thoughts, one should not "break through" into Jump Thoughts but should continue, scrolling, till the last Child Thought is reached, then stop there.

PB on Windows XP, J-1.6.0_17

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