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Harlan - re the original subject of this thread that PB4 should automatically assign a link when dragging a folder into the brain (to create a virtual folder) regardless what the link preference is:

If the link preference (in preferences) is checked to always move items into PB4 and a folder is dragged into the plex, the folder is no longer a virtual folder because it is now internal, not virtual. Is this not correct?  But in moving a folder into the plex, PB4 still tries to represent that folder as virtual - but it is not.

That's why I am still of the opinion that PB4 should only allow folders dragged in to be linked, not moved.


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I disagree, I think the functionality should follow the preference as it is currently.
Assigning different functionality for a certain type of dragging seems to be conterintuitive, and also goes against the fact that I set a preference to move things into my brain instead of linking.

I would agree that a folder that is within the PB structure shouldn't appear as a virtual folder, maybe have the standard folder icon instead of a blue one appear to make differentiating them easier than looking at the path.
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