I dragged a few folders from a Windows Explorer directory to one of my thoughts and they linked just fine. I decided later that they were unnecessary and tried to delete them using SHIFT + RIGHT-CLICK and there is no option available for deleting them. I've also tried to CTRL-CLICK all of the folders as a selection and RIGHT-CLICK the selection to unlink with no luck there.

Is there a way to delete virtual thoughts?

Yes, right click on the link to any actual (non virtual) parent or jump thoughts you have, and unlink.
Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
You may also have to close and reopen the Brain doc ( at least on the Mac) to see the correct results of the unlinking of the virtual thought, as sometimes unexpected things occur. ( such as a virtual Thought Folder expanding to become the entire volume of your hard drive, with no parent thought to delete that from)


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