Hi all,

while building my brain I have come to think about a potential new feature that could come in handy in quite a lot of cases.

Until now, I have been adding thoughts to my brain whose only function is to group their children (and thus seperate them from other thoughts on their respective higher level) for a better overview. See the example at the bottom, where "Sports" is such a thought and the icons resemble types assigned to the respective thoughts.

Since I am using thought types for most thoughts that I group (which kinda makes sense, given that grouping tends to take place where there are a lot of children to group based on similar characteristics, which tends to make a thought type worth considering), I figured that it would be nice to have this step automated in some way.

As far as I can judge, this could be achieved by the Brain's automatic scanning for identical thought types amongst the children (or even parents and jumps) of the active thought and its dynamically inserting "virtual" parent thoughts that group them. These thoughts would disappear once a different thought far enough away is selected as active. In fact, they should never become part of the brain in that they are actually registered and might thus become accessible via the search. Some history or indexing mechanism might reduce the need for realtime-analysis of the active thought's parents/children/jumps.

I cannot estimate to what extent a mechanism like this would affect performance (or would increase performance requirements towards the system), but I would nonetheless be interested in what other users think of this idea and whether the developer team would deem this a feature worthwhile the implementation effort.


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You mean like wiki categories?
I don't know what you define as "wiki categories", but with "categories" I would agree (after all it's a synonym for a type, which I propose as the criterion for dynamic categorization).

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