Version features the ability to activate Thought Types in the plex. Let us know what you think...

From the release notes:


·         Visible Thought Types

o    Thought Types are now visible as special Thoughts, similar to Tag Thoughts.

o    To activate a type, use instant activate or select Type > Activate from the Properties & Attachments tool

o    Type Thoughts are displayed in the plex with all their instances as children

o    Types have a dotted outline to distinguish them from normal thoughts

o    Types can be edited by activating them and using the Properties & Attachments tool, just like any other Thought

o    Similarly, Types can be deleted by activating them, then deleting them via the Thought menu or via the context menu

o    When a Type is created, it is activated so that you can set its properties easily

o    Like Tag Thoughts, Type Thoughts are only displayed in the plex when they are active and thus do not clutter the plex unnecessarily

o    To set a Thought’s type, link to the type as a parent. You can also still set the type using the menus and the via the Properties and Attachments tool of a Thought.

o    A Thought’s type can be removed by unlinking it.

o    Instances of a Type can be created/linked by dragging from the child gate of a Type Thought

o    Supertypes can be created/linked by dragging from the parent gate of a Type Thought

o    If you want to reuse the Types you have created in one Brain you can copy and paste them from one Brain to another just like other Thoughts


I like this new feature, intuitively, very good.

Now you can add an attachment to a thought-type and all thoughts with this type has the same attachment!

(I hope someday  i can say this about link types)

Regards, Ad Divide knowledge = multiply knowledge (Windows 10 -  TB8 / TB9)
Thanks.  This looks interesting.  However, I'm having a little difficulty understanding the functional differences now between a tag and a thought type.  I realize that thought types have been around for a long time but I have not really thought that much about them instead investing my time into tags.

why would one want to use a thought type instead of a tag?

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On types vs Tags, there's been considerable discussion about that in the forum ever since tags were introduced. My latest contribution can be found here, but I'm sure you can find others fairly easily also.

As far as the feature is concerned, I'm just starting to play with it, but my first reaction is Yaaaaaaaay!!!

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I like it, thanks.
About the question about difference between tags & types:
types can be hierarchical (supertypes) whereas tags are flat (or did I miss a new feature?)
types make color on background of thought what I use often.
I agree that both concepts are overlapping and best would probably be a combination of both with all features in one.
But for now the new Thought Type Thoughts are a big step for my use.

... Furthermore I think TheBrain is unique
regards Hannes from Bavaria
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Always have known Tags&Types are two of a kind. I see a merge of functionality coming up .

Seriously though. Good move, I like this. Makes manipulating and using Types much easier
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Thought Type is a very nice feature that avoids a workaround I've been using for months.

BTW, transparent mode is not working for me on Windows 7 machine, works fine on Windows XP machine (both machines have Java 6 v20)


I'd also like to see, in the future, a Search (simple or advanced) as a Thought that displays the results as a Thought with all its linked Thoughts in the Plex ...

Ian Goldsmid
Thanks Harlan, this should make it a lot easier to visualize and thus manipulate thought types.

I hope one day it will be possible to assign parents (supertags) to tag thoughts.

Alan Rhodes
Simply cool.

My two cents about tags and types.

I use tags for GTD "@ items" such as @telephone, @home, @computer and so on. I also use it for projects with a certain amount of items in a particular to do list so that I can quickly see how many there are left via the tag count.

I use types for describing thoughts with color so that I can quickly see what kind of thought it is. Examples: Person, Company, Project, Next-Action etc.

Regards Hans Henrik Nørregaard
TB (Pro Combo) Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Java 1.8.0_211

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