Does anyone know how to get vista speech recognition/dictation to work in the Brain? 
Surprisingly, after finally making the jump to MS Vista, I find myself pleased - especially with the built in speech recognition - which is easier to use than Dragon 8.0 and seemingly as accurate...

However, I can't make it work in Personal Brain.
Vista Home Premium PB

Anyone use it?


Mark Michael Lewis | The Profitability Coach |
well i just lost an in-depth and length reply to this topic, im not going to re-type it all so ill just drop a short comment.

Im very interested in speech recognition use with PB, but find that so far its not fluid enough to be useful.

Navigation is the primary problem, and then editing quickly.

You cant easily navigate to a node or define a context by a spoken word, as the only means of retrieving information is visual or by the inadequate search menu.

A simple:
"Select Thought Chemistry"
"Create Child Thought Atom"
"Append Notes"
"blah blah blah....small things that...bleh bleh"
"Select Thought Parity"


If it was possible to script locating the thought then it would be easy to do this with vista or speech rec programs with scripting functionality.

The trouble is navigating to those nodes, in context (which is not a hard problem to fix and is pretty well documented).

If you have any good suggestions let me know, currently ive tested with Vista and Dragon Naturally Speaking. Both are similar, DNS has more scripting power.
WooF! WooF!
Using Dragon Naturally Speaking and PB ive succeeded in creating a usable interface for speech recognition & command.

For anyone who maybe looking for similar solutions here are some resource links, hints and advice.

1) Dragon Naturally Speaking has superior recognition to windows vista, has superior scripting and customisation options[1]. You can download a trial copy here.

2)Using voice commands for creating nodes will require the use of Vocola, which allows you to script sentences to variables of undefined length. You'll find Vocola here.

3)Once you have vocola working, you can add commands for PB, for example:
# Voice commands for personalbrain
navigate to <_anything>= $1 {Up}{Enter};
select (node | thought) <_anything> = $2 {Up}{Enter};
(new | create) child (node | thought ) <_anything>= {F6} Wait(2000) $3 {Enter};
(new | create) parent (node | thought ) <_anything>= {F7} Wait(2000) $3 {Enter};
(new | create) jump (node | thought ) <_anything>= {F8} Wait(2000) $3 {Enter};
advance (node | thought) = {Alt+Right};
retreat (node | thought) = {Alt+Left};
clear all = {Ctrl+a}{Del};

(NOTE: These utilise the quick search and are not ideal, but they work for the majority of cases.)

[1] Note: You can allways try the Vista speech recognition SDK and windows SDK and attempt more advanced COM controls.

WooF! WooF!

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