I add notes and sometimes attachments to links as well as thoughts but there is no visual indication that they exist so I have to label/colour the link myself as a reminder. Unfortunately, since I also use labelled/coloured link types to represent information I have to sacrifice one or the other.

Would it be possible to add a visual indication that notes or attachments have been added to links that augments the link visualisation rather than replaces it?

Being able to capture knowledge not only in the nodes (thoughts) but also the edges (links) is an immensely powerful feature of TB and I don't feel you make enough of it - I don't even recall it being documented in the user guide for example. You should fix that. 😉

Thinking about it, it would be nice to have a visual indication that attachments have been added to thoughts as well. 😉 There's a note indicator, and since the early days the attachment indicator was the thought icon, but now that thoughts can be given their own icons that take priority, you can't tell if attachments exist or not.

Thanks again - niggles aside, TB is a great product!

/edit - but please fix the memory leaks. 😉
@zenrain came up with an excellent workaround for this a few years ago:

But yes, we should also just implement the feature. We already have the indicator there for thoughts, I agree it should be on the links as well. I've bumped the feature request.

I've put in the request for the attachment indicator as well. We'll let you know if/when we're able to do these.

But if I set the link type to this workaround in order to show the icon I have to replace the type that I originally had on that link - you can't have both. Maybe having the ability to tag links would help (in addition to Type.)

Really appreciate the suggestion though. Thanks. 🙂

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