After years of PB3 use, its taking some effort with PB4 conceptually.

1.  I have a virtual thought named Music.  How do I know what it is pointing to?  P&A does not show this.

2.  Why can't I rename it?  Now I have two 'Music' thoughts right next to each other and I can only distinguish them by their attachments.  I wanted to name one "at work" and the other "at home".

-- Josef

Good point, it doesn't list the virtual thought location on the thought itself, just in the P&A of the parent thought. That may be an enhancement request. 
I would think you can't rename it because it's a link to an external folder, and users may not realize renaming the thought may rename the actual folder (as it does with attachments).
Another request may be allow a label other than "Virtual Thought" on the virtual thought.

Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
Good points. We'll add them to the feature request list.

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