Read Jeremy Wagstaff's blog this morning about some issue with his PB4.
Jeremy seems to think that hourly PB4 back-ups will prevent the problem recurring.
Is Jeremy's assumption correct that backups are essential to file integrity and PB4 operating safety?
To backup PB4 is the only method to copy the folder in which the files are stored?
I have not experienced a corrupt brain since moving 2-3 months ago to a relatively stable version of PB4, but I back up frequently "just in case." Usually I use a third-party tool to back up the entire contents of the My Brain folder (I'm running Windows XP SP2), but recently I have been using the Create BrainZip tool which is very fast (a few seconds on my 1,100-thought brain) and convenient (runs from within PB itself). Nightly, then, I backup my HDD to make off-line copies of changes.

Until TheBrain technology becomes self-repairing, I recommend regular and frequent backups, but hourly backups seems a bit over the top to me.

-- Sam

I agree hourly backup seems a bit over the top, but it depends how many thoughts you've added. Harlan managed to save all but 20 of my thoughts, but while I was luckly in that all those thoughts were in an earlier backup, it still took me an hour or so to find out which thoughts they were and add them to the recovered brain. I'd suggest backing up, with the attachments box unchecked, every few hours if you're a heavy user. With the new brainzip function, you can make a backup in a minute (I time code my backups, at least until I feel safe again.)

Kudos, by the way, to Harlan for doing an all nighter fixing the problem.
While no software is immune to data corruption, for PB4 is it very very rare. In the 10 months since the beta of PB4 was introduced, with thousands of beta users, we have had only 4 cases of data corruption reported and in all but 1 we were able to recover > 99.7% of the data. (Jeremy's brain had 7000 thoughts in it and we recovered all but 20...) The tool we used to recover Jeremy's brain will be included in the next release of PB, FYI.

Of course if your hard drive dies or you have some other catastrophic failure, there is always a chance of losing it, so you should do your backups regularly...

How often you want to do backups is up to you of course. The BrainZip feature was added to make this very easy to do.


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