When TheBrain app hasn't been opened for a while, or if you've quit the app, when you re-open several things happen:
  • There's TheBrain symbol that appears (note that it only appears in portrait view, even when you open it in landscape.
  • The introduction flashes on the screen. This shouldn't happen.
  • The brains list window appears, with the no-brains available text and a progress wheel.
  • Your brains appear.

This makes the app appear slow to start. I would recommend the following:

If possible, the app stores information on if the person has used it before, and if TheBrain was able to retrieve databases. If so, have the grey window that lists the brains appear and pre-populate the list and in the background refresh to see if any have been deleted/added. If needed, grey them out a bit and have the progress wheel show it's working, then make them available once it's refreshed the list from the server.

If it's not possible for TheBrain to retain the list of databases the person has, show TheBrain symbol on the grey background, similar to the symbol that appears while it's loading a thought icon when you click the cog on a thought. (This is more consistent with the design while keeping the brand visible).
If it doesn't find any brains available, THEN show the no-brains available text.

macOS 10.14.3
TheBrain 10.0.42
yes, people start frowning, when the "opening sequence" appears (screen shots).
Thank you for the suggestions. I will pass these along.

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