I restored a recent brainzip of a version brainzipped brain on my vista machine, and discovered that the restore did not include the brain's selected wallpaper. This is a Bad Thing (tm) as it is very obvious to the user, and makes the user question what else Personal Brain didn't bother restoring correctly. Users should not have to wonder what data PB 6 has lost.

For this restore, I deleted the actual brain from the computer (the .brain file and its matching _brain directory), and did a complete restore from the brainzip from earlier that day (yes, the original brain had a wallpaper assigned).

OS: Windows Vista Home Premium 32, all patches as of Dec 8, 2010
Brain version with pro license
I have the same problem. This a serious issue. Please fix asap.


PB Pro - Win 7 Pro
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Hi Darkstar,

Thank You for posting. I have been unable to reproduce this issue when testing for it using the latest release of PB 6 (version I created Brainzips of several Brains of varying sizes then extracted. On every extraction the wallpaper remained intact.

Does this only occur with a particular Brain you Brainzip?

If so, are you able to consistently reproduce the issue?

If yes, I would appreciate it if you can send in a copy of your
Brainzip to support@thebrain.com so that we can analyze it for clues related to the issue.


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