To create a new wallpaper, what the should the pixel dimensions be?
Thanks but they are not scaled to fit as I have tried this already, hence my question.

I also have another issue with SiteBrain export. The wallpaper does not get exported to the sitebain on the web and I am left wth the default wallpaper and color serttings
I'll take a shot at answering.

In my experience, PB repositions full-screen wallpaper so that the image center coincides with the center of the visible plex which is not the same as the center of PB's window. If you resize the plex in any way -- e.g., resize the window, reposition or resize the tool panels, switch into or out of presentation mode -- the wallpaper shifts position.

With some brains I use a tiled wallpaper (such as below) to fill the plex. With tiled wallpaper, I don't notice the shifts.

Hope this helps,
-- Sam

Click image for larger version - Name: Wallpaper_Green_Shelley_medium_dark.jpg, Views: 166, Size: 9.89 KB
As far as your other question, the background doesn't get exported with the sitebrain.
You can look here to find how to customize that image:

Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
PB does resize the wallpaper based on the size of the wallpaper AND the size of the plex--- but you won't know how it will do so until resize your plex. The picture doesn't just SHIFT its center--- it will grow or shrink as well.
Thanks a lot Zenrain. The color theme also does not get exported either, so this looks like it would be a terribly time-consuming (prohibitive) manual operation

The image is not something I want to tile as it is a map.

The problem I have is that the wallpaper does not fit correctly when I first load it (not to do with resizing the plex) and I have no idea of the pixel dimensions it should be so am having to experiment with changing the original image and keep reloading it.


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