Looks like some folks awhile back had suggestions for the Wander function. The following is based on what would help me - selfish cuss that I am...

1 - The ability to limit the wandering to a branch and all of its sub-branches. If a thought has a horizontal jump, I'd like this enhancement to have the option of following or not following them. The default would be strictly hierarchical.

2 - The ability to wander around what I did in a given time frame. Someone else already brought up this idea. I think the date was sometime in 2007. So it's been 5 years+ since people have been wanting improvements in the Wander function.

3 - The ability to select multiple items which would serve as the tops of the branches to be wandered. For instance, if I had two projects, A and B, and a bunch of other stuff, C through Z, and I selected A and B, I'd like the Wander to be limited to items in branches A & B - along with what I said in #2 above.

4 - The ability to wander per search terms. When I do a search, all items that form hits would be among those to be wandered, along with each thought's children.

Hopefully, this all makes sense. If you want clarification, let me know.

- Bal
I vote for 2 and 4!
I vote for 2 and 4!

macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119
The Wander function is slick, but I have't been able to find it useful just yet, and it's obviously a common feeling.

However, this post actually got me thinking along the following lines.

After playing around for a while, it seems to me that it would be generally useful to be able to :

1. choose any 2 thoughts
2. have TheBrain show a view of the path(s) between them

after all, this is what we essentially seek with the Wander function : TheBrain wanders, we look for pathways.

I'm saying we should turn the approach the other way around : let TheBrain do the work of showing pathways (since it knows them already) between user-specified points.

this example shows the 2 paths between existing between 2 people :

Now, the Wander function as it stands will never give me this view.

So, I would love it if other users play around and post here because I think this is sufficiently important to build up a user base to make a feature request.

Thoughts are welcome, as always


Great idea, but independent of the Wander function. I recommend you repost it as an independent suggestion.

The Wander function, for me, serves 2 main purposes.

1 - to remind me of things long forgotten (and perhaps some connections to things I'm currently working on). I just let TB wander awhile and watch, almost in a trance, sort of like the crew watching the Matrix in the movie of the same name.

2 - to brainstorm passively.  By watching TB wander around, new ideas come to mind, sometimes completely unrelated to the things I've seen, but more often some connection, even if tenuous, can be found.

If the enhancements I suggested were implemented would enable me to tune the Wandering more usefully (e.g., wandering what I did last week).

Again - I like your idea.  I'd love the developers to create it for us.

- Bal

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