SInce the beginning of TheBrain, it appears that it's more a personal Brain wth growing capabilities than a Brain to share between users with different credentials, from a company or multiple companies.

Would it be possible to add "layers", meaning :
- brains that are linked together as if they were layers
- with users having access to these brains depending on their credentials
- the ability to link items in between these brains.

Conceptually this looks like creatign a galaxy of brains with the different layers u have between ground, mucchus, trees, fields, cities, planetes, etc. and not just brains working alone even if they got bigger personal brains capabilities. Distributed cloud information is always better than a unique centralized system.

Uses :
- link a general brain to another brain having a list of continents / countries / cities so that u can "geolocalize" your activities
- link a top management brain to another brain with all the products from a company, the products being updated by the marketign guys though the general manager works on datas and startegy around products
- have different brains from people from a company linking to a departments brain linking to a a company brain, meaning people get credentials depending on their position and have an overview of the company depending on their position.

To take an old example you have on TheBrain site, it means that you could have :
- one layer from one US city where you have your facilities, another from the other side of the US
- the team from a geographic site working on their local brains
- the top management sharing a view from different sites without showing all to everybody
- and maybe another layer which is shared in between the different teams for internal communication on how the work is going on in the whole group

Personnaly I believe this is a huge lack in TheBrain as I did a libray of continents / countries / régions / cities with links to Wikipédia to have instant information about the places but right now I have no way to use it in shared projets without doign it handmade each time i want to have it used by other users.

This means that (till now) the "SHARE" option is lacking in TheBrain ... though it could also be a really efficient way to develop TheBrain community enablign people to share something that could be named "brain librairies" and not just demos. By the way having layers is also a good way to avoid accidentally opening confidential information to people that shouldn't get it ...

To go deeper in terms of sharing information in a worldwide organization, it would also be usefull to have a localization ability for example to make links contextual to a localization choice (wikipiedia in french for french guys, in English for USA etc).

Hoping this can help ...
I agree with this. I am facing the same issue. There is a UserVoice thread on this:

I repost here my comment:

TB faces difficulties when organizing different levels of information: For example, I use different brains, which I find cumbersome when dealing with the part that is common to several of them.
Here is an example with 3 brains: I have (1) a general brain, which I use everyday and where I have more than 30,000 thoughts. It will grow endlessly; (2) a professional brain where there is all the specifics for my current job; (3) An administrative brain where I put all the banking, shopping, health, etc issues and information.

The problem is that these 3 brains should be connected in a tight manner while remaining 3 separate layers of information. For example:

- specific information about my interlocutors in my professional brain should be linked to the social-economic sector in my general brain (because it will be there that the sector is connected to the broader context). 

- My investments in the Admin brain should be linked to the economic sectors in the general brain, where I monitor the economic situation. 

The latest version of PB allows thought URLs which makes possible links between different brains, but I don't find it convenient enough for the systematic linking of thoughts between different level of information.

One suggestion would be to use layers, just like an imaging software like Photoshop uses layers. The general brain would be the background brain, and the two other brains would be layers rather than separate brains. Just like Photoshop layers, you could have layers displayed or not over the background. 

You could work on a specific layer, adding and deleting thoughts without affecting the other layers. 
You could delete and/or export a layer out of the brain. Think for example when you are changing job, you remove the layer from the previous job and create a new layer for the new job. 

You could share your brain but exclude one layer, for example exclude the Admin layer with personal information. This latter possibility is much more efficient than identifying one by one individual thoughts as private.

You could have layers to monitor events or information for a period of time, events that you may not want to include right away in the general background since you are not yet sure of their significance. For example, adding a 2012 layer for adding anything that attract your attention during the year, but that you might want to review at the end of the year and clean up. 

You could have one layer that you share with colleagues, while keeping the background private

I hope that helps define the idea

I agree with this too.
That would be a considerable progress.
I didn't take the next step in software version (still running PB 6) because there were no such improvement (and because it doesn't deal with a Android version).
Oli PB version : OS : Windows 7 SP1 64 bit

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