I now with the many new verson we have for the beta version that the Brain Team is working to offer users a really nice working Brain Version...for desktop!

So first thanks for working hard!

This said, even if you have the best mindmap software in the world...the Achilles heel of all mind maps is in sharing them with the Internet!

So here my $0.02 cents:

Would it be possible to embed a brain in a fluid way and not only with fixed pixel as it is now? We are close to 2017...and I really think this feature ( to offer the option to embed as fixed or fluid) is a must!

Last, a very small suggestion, the search form in a web brain, can you make it fluid also? As it is now, once a search is clicked on, the search window is fixed in pixel. Bottom line if you have thoughts with many words, they are displayed truncated. Not very useful for users. More and more of this fluid search form are used on the net truncated words!

I am aware that you have many features on the back burner for the brain web version...but I think these ones...would be very useful for end users!

Editor, The Planet Fixer Digest

Thanks for posting.  Yes, we're getting closer every day to a release of TheBrain 9.  In addition to our fantastic new desktop enhancements, new features will exist for mobile devices and a web interface as well.  Nothing to announce publicly yet, but we hope to have these additional application options available soon.  We appreciate your feedback and we'll share this with the web development  team.

Thank you,

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