The issue of the slow speed of the new Web Client has been a topic of discussion for a long time, and with other Web Client issues being addressed as we speak I wanted to revisit the speed issue.  Today I was waiting for 30 seconds in some cases before the "loading thoughts" window would finally disappear.  Obviously no 3rd party user would ever stick around that long.  

So several questions. 

1. Is this one of the Web Client issues being tackled by the engineers?
2. Is there anything about the design of a Brain that is known to factor into the length of delay? I might have thought it would be size and attachments, but as I recall Jerry's Brain has been slow and it has neither of those things.  So is there anything we are able to point to that would help Brain builders achieve a faster Web Client response time?  


Thank you, Mark, for revisiting this issue.

In my case, I'm occasionally seeing slow speeds in the TB10 web client even with very small test brains that are not resource intensive at all. They include some notes, a few attachments and even fewer images in notes.

The biggest challenge I'm seeing now is that the speed/performance is very erratic -- sometimes fairly quick, sometimes so slow that it is virtually unusable.

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