using PB on Win XP with Java 1.6.0_03

when opening my brain I always get this message.


Click image for larger version - Name: SnagIt0009.gif, Views: 116, Size: 5.62 KB
Indexing always hangs at the second last URL ... see screenshots

But which one is that last URL
If I knew, I could try to remove it from the brain.

Or should I try to delete all files in the txt and tmp folders? Click image for larger version - Name: SnagIt0010.gif, Views: 87, Size: 6.41 KB Click image for larger version - Name: SnagIt0011.gif, Views: 87, Size: 20.70 KB
Click image for larger version - Name: SnagIt0012.gif, Views: 88, Size: 11.65 KB Click image for larger version - Name: SnagIt0013.gif, Views: 87, Size: 9.57 KB

Hi Martin,


Seeing your logs, it appears that the last URL is the 83 of the thought Phoenix,44 (Phoenix,44.83). But also, the two previous URLs appears to be in problems: Phoenix,42.81 and Phoenix,42.82.


To activate the thought Phoenix,44 and remove the URL 83:

  1. Type in the Search Box of the Plex the number of the Thought (44), and press Ctrl+Enter after this
  2. Remove the URL attachment of the Thought


You can post or send by email the complete log files to investigate about this problem?

[Indexing.log, IndexBuilder.dat, IndexBuilder.log, UrlIndexBuilder.dat, UrlIndexBuilder.log and output.log]


Please let us know if, after removing the bad URL, the Indexing Process was completed successfully.



I have removed the URL of thought 83 - did not help, the URL was O. K. (

I can not navigate to thoughts 81 or 82. Ctrl+Enter does not work - perhaps they do not exist.

I will send the requested log files via E-Mail.

Process Explorer shows that PB tries to call one URL all the time, approx. 10 times per second.
I did a search for this URL in my brain but could not find it.

Click image for larger version - Name: SnagIt0014.gif, Views: 65, Size: 16.62 KB

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