In this session you will learn about:
  • IT asset knowledge bases and IT network mappings
  • Integrating both structured and unstructured content
  • Creating a single interface to all relevant information assets
  • Crawling network drives and pre-existing repositories to get the content you want
  • Access control and ad hoc knowledge sharing within your department and beyond
  • Relevant industry and department example mappings of server and IT networks
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As with your PB4 presentation, and others you've offered. I would really like to view this event, but I cannot commit time from my working days just now. Would it be possible in future for these kinds of events to be available for viewing afterward?
Be vewy quiet. I'm hunting wabbit.
Hi Tim,

We're looking into doing this and hope to have something working soon.
As a current PB4 Beta tester and user, I was fortunate enough to be available to attend this web seminar. BrainEKP is AWESOME! I had read about its features from TheBrain website over a period of time and knew it was what I really wanted but the cost is a prohibitive for a typical personal user, such as myself, unfortunately. I would love it if we could have a PB4 Web version that would allow the instantaneous view capability of attachments via its HTML content area (which BrainEKP converts the attachments to view in the content area as well as it gives you the ability to open the attachments in their native applications). The ability to immediately view the attachments in the content area makes BrainEKP so quick and intuitive to use! As a PB 4 Beta tester, this is what I've been trying to describe as a feature I would like to see in PB4 before I was shown what BrainEKP does. It is truly awesome!

Any news on getting the session you mentioned viewable offline. I got one of the Friday session videos and they were very helpful.


Head of Client Services
Univ. of Manchester

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