For sharing purposes, I'd love to see the Web-based TheBrain support all the Arrange-by options that the desktop app has. 

In fact I need this right now in order to share a brain I have. With >100 thoughts it would be labor-intensive to go in and carefully rename each one to establish the ordering. But it so happens that create date is the proper ordering.


To give even more detail... I imported a mindmap into TheBrain. The export (from iThoughtsX) kept the correct ordering in the .mm file, and TheBrain created all the thoughts in order, giving them create dates in the proper order. Yay!

But then the web-based app only supports arrange by name or by type, so the thoughts are all out of order there. Doh!

Trying to solve this, I had the idea to export the brain as text; use a text processing app to add the dot-numbers to represent ordering; and then import to create a new brain with the invisible dot-number ordering.

The numbering wasn't too hard. But this didn't work, because—separate bug—TheBrain always exports alphabetically, regardless of how the Arrange-By is currently set. So the exported text file was already in the wrong order.


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