When I log in to the Webbrain at app.thebrain.com, I can see my Brains and I can open a Brain, but I get a blank Plex. If I search for a Thought, I can activate it and I see all the connected thoughts in the Plex. From there, I can navigate to any of my thoughts.

If I open another Brain, the same thing happens: blank Plex, search, activate, and I have access to all the thoughts. If I go back to the first Brain, it still shows the Plex as I left it, with thoughts displayed. Likewise, if I go back to the second Brain.

Pretty good, right? But ... if I logout and then go back in, I'm back to a blank Plex.

Any idea why this happening?

BTW, it seems that the synchronization is working fine.
Thanks for the feedback. We're still doing a lot of work on the web client. It is not ready for bug reporting yet as we know there are many issues. Once it gets further along we will let everyone know.

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