Hi Harlan and all,

I like the WebBrain Hosting concept, and admire and appreciate the work you and your team have done to realize it.

I haven't yet posted a Brain, but I have already have one question and a few of observations:

Q. Can I remove a brain from the hosting service if I no longer want it to be available?


A. Numbered thoughts don't sort the same in hosted brains and local brains. That is, with thoughts "1. XXX", "2. XXX", and "10. XXX", the hosted brain sorts them 1, 10, 2 whereas the local brain sorts them 1, 2, 10.

B. Expanded view of hosted brains doesn't allow free placement of thoughts.

C. In some hosted brains, the first time I switch to outline view, the active thought rushes off the screen. I can get it back and centered by clicking on the thought in the Past Thoughts list, but I don't think I should ever be left with a blank plex.

Another question: Would it be possible when posting a brain to specify that the brain should start in outline view?

-- Sam

P.S., All of these observations were made in Firefox 3.0.
Hi Sam,

Yes, you can delete Brain you post at any time. All information posted will be removed from our servers, but like any information on the Internet, it will likely remain cached in search engines and other places for some time since Brains can be spidered by other sites.

Thanks for posting the bugs, which are known issues that will be fixed shortly.

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