If I have a document attached to a thought in webbrain and click it, I am asked if I want to open it with Word or something else. If I choose to open with something else, I get the Windows Open File dialog so I can select an alternative program.

I'd like to propose that another choice should be something like Open with Google Docs.

I don't know if WebBrain has to "know" the format of the file that is being sent to the opening application (I'm guessing not). If not, then this could open the door for letting me send the document for opening by any other web based app, like Mindomo or Paint.net, etc.

- Bal


Thank you for posting. I'm not sure if this feature is possible, but I would definitely recommend submitting it to our Uservoice page (http://thebrain.uservoice.com).

In the meantime, I believe you can simply save the document and then open it via Google Docs from the location you saved it.


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