Hi there,

I want to commercialize my brain.  It has information that is valuable for my customers, and as such I want to protect it.  I have loaded it on to the webbrain site as an "Unlisted" brain.  My plan was to use the Share function and then use iframes on my site (behind password protection) to provide access to paying customers. 

Thus far I have come up against two problems:

1. I have an iframe on my Web page, but if you select "view source" then it is possible to see the iframe code - therefore anyone can get the link from the iframe and access it without having to pay.  It would be nice to have a way to either stop people from seeing the iframe code, or having a property associated with the the brain to stop anyone from accessing it unless they have come from one or more nominated Web pages.

2. When you view the brain you can right click and add thoughts, etc.  I don't want my customers editing my brain!

A couple of minor issues:

  1. I would prefer not to show the toolbar, but there seems to be not way to access the "+" "-" functions. 
  2. Also I do not seem to be able to change the size of the font in the brain - it seems quite large.  When I use the scroll wheel the entire page changes size - perhaps the CMS I am using intercepts the scroll wheel messages.
I hope you can help.


This post has been on the forum for two weeks now.  How can I get an answer to this question?

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