Our Web site is undergoing scheduled maintenance.

Where's the schedule

When do we expect this to be up running again?
I agree it would be polite of them to let us know how long they expect webbrain to be down. Same with this forum. When it's down, there's no message from websitetoolbox. Might have disappeared off the face of the earth forever, for all I know.
PB on Windows XP, J-1.6.0_17
I use my webbrain on my website. It would be nice to know when it is back online. It is now down for days. 
Good news ... the wait will not be that much longer

I had an email from support that said ...

"There are some major changes being done to webbrain. It should be back up by Monday 12/14/2009 at the latest."

Regards Peter H.
WebBrain is now back up. Unfortunately the conversion of all the existing data on the site had to be done while the site was down and this took much longer than anticipated. WebBrain remains in beta and "unexpected problems should be expected".

The good news is that this update incorporates many improvements and will lead to a much more reliable foundation.

Thanks all for your patience.

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