Hi everyone,

I would love to see a simple capability where viewers of a webbrain can make a comment on a thought. This would allow to open up a dialogue with other people, which would be a gamechanger for me.

Thanks as always for the brilliant software!


Thanks for the suggestion. We will definitely take this into consideration.
Sorry, I've corrected this: it should be a comment on a thought, not a note.
+1, I can definitely see this being useful.
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119

I would very much like to see the option of social sharing on images within notes:
-- Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr at the bare minimum.

Compatibility with services like ShareThis or AddThis (which provide even more sharing options) would be even better -- and it would be fabulous if social sharing also worked when images are simply attached as thought icons -- if this might be feasible?

In each case, I'd like the social share to display the image (not just a link to the image or the thought), and I'd like the link associated with the image to connect back to the thought itself (not just the image file) -- if that makes sense?

I, personally, use images quite heavily in all of my brains and I'd LOVE to share more of what I'm collecting with others -- but a plain link share to a thought has absolutely NO visual appeal.

As a result, there are many visually oriented brain projects that I've considered, but decided not to pursue simply because there was no viable way to share any of the images:

Also, FWIW, I believe that social image sharing has the potential to greatly increase traffic back in the WebBrain, thereby giving TheBrain far more widespread exposure than it currently has.

just my 2 cents....

Would be very interested to know if this image sharing option might be considered at some point in the development of TheBrain 9?

Thanks Metta.  These are some interesting ideas.  An expansion of our "Search Twitter" feature...

I'll document your thoughts and share with the team.

Thank you,
Many, many thanks, Matt!

This image sharing functionality is actually something I've been pining for, for quite a long time, so I genuinely appreciate your consideration of this request.

Will be eagerly looking forward to whatever may come of it! :-)

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