I began using PB about a week ago and let's just say I went all in. I've not had this much fun with a new piece of software in forever.

I use several machines. Overly-restrictive licensing policies aside, in order to have this new system of mine work it needs fast and flawless synch. Since I use Dropbox for everything else, I thought I'd use it with PB also. I sync my DEVONthink database that way,  which has the same one-db-open-at-a-time restriction and so far that has gone well enough. The problem is that PB takes a bit longer to launch, so I don't quit it quite so casually. So yep, I left it open on my laptop after hours of working on my Brain and opened it up on my home machine. Hilarity ensued. 

Needless to say that was a bad idea, so I started looking into using Webbrain. I don't love the idea of yet another monthly service fee, but it's not terribly expensive and if it's a supported, smooth way of syncing my Brain to multiple machines then it's worth it.

The Webbrain sync works great - when it works. I guess it does always technically work, but sometimes it takes a very long time to sync. I'm talking in the area of 10 minutes or more. I'm not storing files in the Brain, so I don't think it's a network thing.

A common use case for me is to be working in the Brain on my desktop Mac at the office, then quickly grab my laptop and drop into the conference room. When using Dropbox, everything is synced in usually less than 30 seconds. With Webbrain taking several minutes, it makes things rather inconvenient.

The cool thing is that after only a week, I actually _have_ "Use Cases" for PB and I'm irritated when things don't go perfectly. That's a great sign!

After all that, my question is if the Webbrain sync speed issues we're (I say "we" because I've seen similar posts) running into are likely to be short-term. I'm planning to remain "all-in" with PB assuming that things will become smoother over time. Just hoping someone in the know might help convince me that is the case.

Looks like major improvements around the corner: http://forums.thebrain.com/post?id=5194161

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