WebBrain has been updated! It's now faster, safer, and better in so many ways... Read on for the details. As always, there's more to come in the future - we're making WebBrain more powerful every day...

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The latest changes:

  • More Reliable, Secure Storage for Your Data
    • Storage for brains is now redundantly stored automatically in multiple locations for increased reliability
    • RSA encryption is now used on all attachments, icons and images inside of notes
  • Faster Performance
    • WebBrain has been optimized to enable faster browsing and syncing
  • Improved Brain Viewing
    • Thought gates indicate which thoughts have more content connected to them
    • Wallpaper scales or tiles to match the settings in PersonalBrain
    • Thoughts expand on mouse-over including support for word wrapping
    • Thought icons expand fully on mouse-over so viewing large images is easy
    • Thoughts can be sorted by name or type
    • Tag and type thoughts can be activated in the plex
    • Added an “About” context menu
  • More Powerful Online Authoring
    • Create brain directly from WebBrain without the need to download and install PersonalBrain
    • Drag and drop from gates to create and link thoughts
  • Customizable settings for embedded brains
    • You can now disable the wander and share features
    • Parameter-based support for customizing the height of the plex
  • Additional New Features
    • The account section now has two pages – Brains and Settings
    • Streamlined list of brains on the Brains page and other pages
    • Added the ability to remove a shared brain from your list of brains
    • New option to force regeneration of brain thumbnail
    • Brains can be renamed online
    • Improved security filtering of content
  • Fixes
    • Fixed: Default user picture is pixelated
    • Fixed: When the window is resized very small, the plex does not display correctly
    • Fixed: Toggle of user roles is not working in some circumstances
    • Fixed: Notes editor does not save special characters properly
    • Fixed: When icons are modified on more than one machine, sometimes the new icon is not synced properly
    • Fixed: Instant activate does not work if multiple terms are entered
    • Fixed: Thought types, events, tags, should not appear in Thumbnails
    • Notes checkboxes are now disabled while in view mode
    • Fixed: Various problems with generation of brain thumbnails
    • Other small changes and internal fixes

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