Hi everyone, 

Thought some might want to have a look at my new website which uses a webbrain as it's method of navigation. Basically, rather than being a blog I wanted a website that is largely unstructured in terms of the traditional sections and categories you need to use with most web or CMS plaforms (I'm using Joomla). The website currently contains several hundred of links to different Sharepoint (an MS collaboration platform) resources and each link is tagged by area or technology (e.g. permissions, administration etc.). I have a fairly complex tagging scheme and just listing a long list of tags would not be very helpful. Instead each tag corresponds to a thought in a published webbrain which forms my navigation map. This way users can see all related tags and wander around the different concepts covered in a more interactive way. If they find a tag (thought) they're interested in they can click a link in the thought's notes which then takes them to the relevant page on the website. 

I quite like how things are implemented - each tag page contains a link that generates a popup and displays a corresponding webbrain thought. 

The only thing I'm not that happy about is the time it takes to load up the brain - unfortunately, it takes a few seconds but I guess there is not much that can be done about that. 

Sharepoint resouce center:

Greg Osimowicz
Hi Greg,

Nice work. I'm thinking of using WebBrain as navigation for my site The Buchan Institute and you've solved for me the problem of needing a large brain on the front page. I like the way you've linked out to it.


Hi David, 

Thank you for the comment. Happy I could offer some inspiration/solution. Please post back when you have "enriched" your website with PB - it would be interesting to see this. 

Best regards, 
Has anybody done this recently? Did you use TheBrain for this?  How?
Hi Koos,

TheBrain 8 could export Brains to HTML which could be embedded in a website. We are working on this feature for TheBrain 9, but it is not yet ready. No projected release date either.

Cheers, Sean
@Sean, thanks so much for confirming that an HTML export option will eventually be available! Very pleased to know this! [smile]

@HJB, you may be interested to see a recently launched project by an early (former) brain user which is inspired by TheBrain and created in Drupal:
> <== Click on "WebBrain" in the upper right-hand corner

The site designer, Ton Haarmans, is a web developer so he might be a good resource for exploring some brain-inspired site design options.

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