Using links to email in WebMail (GMail): I drag the URL to the Plex and the thought is created and the content would be downloaded, except it requires to be logged in so displays the login screen.

So... log in and the inbox is displayed.

Focus another thought and then the newly created thought and the email displays correctly.

  1. The log-in seems limited to the current TheBrain session. When I close and reopen I need to log-in again.
  2. It would be better if my log-in survived between sessions, otherwise it would be better to store the original in the notes rather than loading it each time.

Thanks for posting.  I'll document the feature request.

Thank you,
I guess it goes without saying, but the above would be more or less true for any authenticated site.

Storing, rather than reloading each view, could be achieved by Control+Drop (similar to copy attachment into TB [smile] [wink]

Someone else made the comment about Archival rather than Dynamic content (I think in relation to Calendar), but this is similar issue:
  • Email is Archival
  • Website could be Dynamic (although there would be times that a snapshot at a point in time is what is required)

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