I am definitely going to use the Brain - thank you so much for a great idea!

In order to use it very heavily though, as my primary means of organizing my life, I need some sort of an assurance I am not locked into it. Especially having read about database corruption and such. (Heck, I stopped using Outlook when my database got corrupted!)

Exporting into XML would serve as this kind of assurance, provided no information is lost. So far, in my experiments, I have not incurred any data loss; but I have only experimented with very primitive brains.

So, what, if anything, is lost in XML?

Also, would it be possible to store the entire brain in XML, or another open format? At least, the authoritative parts; as a user, I would not mind caches, indexes and such in a proprietary format - things that can be rebuilt.

I understand that, as a small company, you've got to protect yourself from possible competition; so I guess it's a fine balancing act, protecting your IP while providing your users with a sense of security.



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