Harlan, what is the concept of Google integration in the future? You did a first step with synching from PB to the Google calendar. We can link from PB to a Google contact, E-Mail and document.

We can not open a new document, if it should be a Google document. We can not search for fulltext information of Google contacts, E-Mails or documents. This means if I make a search in PB I get not all information I want to have. I can configure your websearch to find the fulltext information on the Google sites, but this are two steps. Or I have to store manually contact information in the notes section of PB, store the E-Mail as a Google document and then stored this document internally in PB and link it then. This are so many steps to have the documents in PB, so much time to do so, so much discipline to do so...

What is really interesting me, is it possible to index the Google information in PB or not? May be it is not possible.

Do you have plans to bring the Google contact synchronisation into PB?

I think more and more user have to decide in the future, if they will work with Microsoft or with Google products. If we use WebBrain and i know all my further information are on the (Google) web, I can link to all information from an Ipad or so. If I have p.e. an Ipad and want to open a Word-document, I think it will not go, or? If it is a Google document, contact or E-Mail, it will work on every online device.

Just share your thoughts with me, with us...
I think is an important point. Web applications and cloud storage are developing more and more and will be nice to know in advance which direction the brain will take.
Vote for googledocs integration here:

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