This forum is called TheBrain 11 Desktop Beta but the current release is Alpha.

The main page about TB11 is TheBrain 11 Alpha and it says: "Although possible, we do not recommend going back and forth between versions 11 and 10."
It doesn't make sense for me to switch to an Alpha release as my main version. That means that I'll continue using TB10 until there's a more stable version of TB11.

And if I want to test the new notes editor in TB11, there's this: "Version 11's improved security means that each time you switch between 10 and 11 you will have to login again."
How has Version 11's security been "improved" and why do I have to login again?
@Cerebrum ~

FWIW, I've found TB11 Alpha to be far more reliable (and faster) than the most stable versions of TB10. In addition, the note editor in TB11 is vastly improved -- and v11 also includes the new set of icons you've been asking about. ðŸ˜‰

In light of this, I'm wondering: have you tested the waters in TB11 yet?
> If so, have you run into any performance issues or bugs that have made TB10 more appealing for now?

Hi. ðŸ™‚

I have tested TB11 and I have not liked the experience so far:
1. I had to restart my computer after installation. I don't have to do this when I install other software.
2. When I first launched TB11, it shut down after a few seconds.
3. When I relaunched it, I was prompted to create a Quick-Start Brain or "Upgrading from TB8". Nothing about how to access my TB10 brains. (I now know that I have to login.)
4. After creating a sample brain, I tried three things:
  • Create a table
  • Paste from OneNote
  • Paste from Excel
As you know (from your post), tables are many missing features. As Harlan points out, you can't set column width manually, the header row can't be removed, the background colors can't be set, only one line of text per cell is permitted, and the only way of centering or right-justifying a column is by inserting characters at the start of the header row. Far less functionality than what was available in TB8 five years ago.

When I pasted from OneNote, I lost the formatting and when I pasted from Excel I got numbers that straddled two columns, with no way of increasing the column width.

The context menu in the Notes editor has only three choices: Cut, Copy, Paste. Unlike TB10, there's no Undo or Redo and no "Paste and Match Format". And there are no options to apply formatting. FWIW, these are the choices in Evernote:

These are the choices in OneNote:
And the last time that I tried pasting from OneNote, TB11 crashed.

I'll stay with TB10 for now and create my formatted notes somewhere else.
Thanks so much for your prompt follow-up and feedback, Cerebrum. Understand completely. I miss virtually all of the notes features you've mentioned, too, especially in terms of the tables and our limited cut/paste options -- both into and out of the note editor.

However, many of the other scrolling , line wrap and undo/redo bugs in the note editor have finally been fixed so, for testing purposes, I'll keep noodling around in v11.

In the meantime, I'm very interested in knowing where/how you are managing your notes externally. So far, Google Docs has worked pretty well for me when I need full table formatting (on a test basis), but this requires having the embedded browser turn on, and I'm not sure I want to have to rely on this when I (eventually) migrate into 11 for daily use.

In light of this, any additional feedback you can share about how you are managing your notes in v10 will be appreciated.
It sounds like you should stick with version 10 for a while. The alpha release is intended for people who are willing to go through the rough patches in order to experience the newest advances and have some influence over the finishing touches.

Major changes that are included in 11 necessitate extensive testing. 11 is alpha because it has not yet been extensively tested. We won't be moving it to beta until it is ready, which is more a matter of what happens than how much time passes.

With regard to security, 11 uses a completely different way to maintain your authenticated state with the server. You have to login again because its not using the same protocols that 10 used.

As metta mentioned, the editor in 11 is very different than 10. If all your sole judgement criteria is how close the tables are to those in Word, you will not be happy. However, if you want a robust editor that is in many ways more predictable and easier to use than Word (or a great number of other HTML/RTF editors for that matter), you may be pleasantly surprised.
I concur with @metta comments.

Aside from the mac CPU issues that have plagued TB10 (and now TB11) for a long time, TB11 has been solid for me thus far. Glad I bit the bullet, and upgraded. 💪🏽

The new notes feature added today where you can add multiple notes to a single thought is awesome!
Harlan wrote:
If all your sole judgement criteria is how close the tables are to those in Word, you will not be happy.
Strange comment, considering the fact that I didn't mention Word, let alone say that it was my "sole judgement criteria".

Anyway, I'll wait and see what develops.


I don't have a lot of notes in my Brain. Mostly links and attachments. I use TheBrain primarily to gather, connect and organize my thoughts, not to create the content.

I use OneNote for my business notes and I've tried moving some of that into TB, with limited success.
I use Evernote for my personal notes and I've created some links in TB to Evernote.
I sometimes copy and paste from a website.

When I use the TB Notes editor, it's to type a few sentences, with little or no formatting. When I need more, I create and attach a WordPad document. If it's a large amount of unformatted text, I create and attach a Notepad file.
[QUOTE username=reasonablekamikaze userid=5969225 postid=1309683278]I concur with @metta comments.

Aside from the mac CPU issues that have plagued TB10 (and now TB11) for a long time.../QUOTE]

I have admittedly not downloaded the alpha yet, and I realize it's still in alpha, but I was super hopeful the CPU issues would be resolved in TB11.  The experience is less than smooth and can be frustrating at times to say the least.

I'll keep my fingers crossed there's progress on this front for us Mac users.

Thanks, @Cerebrum ~ Appreciate the update on how you are managing your written content. ðŸ™‚

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