In V9 which file formats will be indexed for search inside the files? What about linked files? To my own local file drive? To Evernote, Google Drive and other services...?
Currently TheBrain 9 only indexes files that are internal attachments. It uses the OS's file indexing capability, so any file indexable by your OS should have the contents searchable from within TheBrain.

There is a post by Matt in this thread stating they are still researching URL and linked files (I found it using the forum's advanced search feature to choose this category and the terms "file index").

I'll let folks who know more than I do speak on if there is planned integration with other services. However, my gut would be no, it would be handled (if at all) with an API down the road allowing the user to integrate the services themselves using IFTTT or other web automation solutions so they don't have to rely on keeping up with other products API changes and integration.
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119
Zen is correct in that we are currently only indexing internal attachments (as well as Thought Names and Notes).  URL and Linked files is yet to come, but no word yet on when this functionality will be available.


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