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I have the Pro Combo because I like owning software versus renting it, while the sync gives me both flexibility and an offsite backup.

It's a model that drew me to Evernote as well, when they moved to the cloud: have the software, have the data locally, but also have it stored offsite.

It's certainly a premium price, mostly because other services have become so cheap (in comparison). 2/3 of the yearly renewal will get you Office365 with 5 seats. On the other hand, Dropbox premium + archival option (file history for 365 days) is about the same price.

Then again, I like to spread my yearly subscriptions and put away money for it every month. 13/month (about 17 CAD) puts things in perspective, for me. I don't know a lot of things at that price that give me that much joy.

@PaulO I started really using TB in 2007, 99% for personal use. Nowadays I also have a Work brain, but the vast majority of my use is inside a personal megabrain. Like a Wikipedia of my life 🙂 The further it grows, the more joyful it is to use. I think there's real value in personal use of TB

As for rapid fire mindmapping; use the power of the keyboard 🙂 I've setup my shortcuts as F1 = jump, F6 = child, F12 = parent. Combined with Enter and the cursor keys I can map out as fast as I could in MindManager. Often I know a series of thoughts that jump of an entry. F6 "though 1;thought 2;thought 3" Enter -- boom, I have 3 thoughts added. When TB is the place I want to do that, I often use an orphan thought: enter name in search box [tab][enter] and the new thought is created, unlinked to the rest of TB.

That said, if it's for off the cuff thinking, I still prefer outlining and will use Dynalist instead.
Using: Evernote | FilterizeDynalist | InstaPaper | Liner | PrintFriendly | TheBrain v10.0.54.0

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